quality Assurance

  • We believe in delivering high quality deliverables within the time deadlines. To ensure that the deliverables meet client needs and specifications, we have thorough quality checks and reviews at each stage of process. Our organisation involves a two way communication process. We apprise our associates regarding client specifications and needs with any doubts clarified immediately. But due to human involvement, we have rigourous three tier quality checking process.
  • During the first stage, the product is made by the associate, who basically makes the data entry and various kinds of other jobs
  • During the second stage, the product is reviewed by the immediate manager, who checks for any errors and ommissions and also whether the product can be sent to the next stage.
  • During the last stage, the delivery manager, checks the final product, reviews it and matches with the clients needs and specifications. Thereafter, the product is delivered to the clients.


  • The diagram below depicts the flow of work from the client to offshore and back to client.

process mapping and Migration

  • Detailed mapping is done of existing processes to understand current workflow and activity times
  • Profiling of resources is done for the offshore operations
  • Comprehensive migration and training plan is prepared
  • The responsibilities of onshore and offshore staff are defined