staffing & Training

  • Staffing
  • We have a well defined process of recruitment, candidates with prior experience in the field of accounting and taxation are hired. Candidates are checked for their proficiency on computers and fluency in written and spoken english.
  • Entry level processors are supervised by qualified and trained chartered accountants, CPAs and MBAs.
  • We have sound HR policies which motivate employees to give their best effort and maintain high productivity.
  • Training
  • We have thorough training processes which involve training all employees on every module of accounting and taxation softwares
  • Employees are also given training on general computer awareness like email management, folder management, LAN, Network security etc.
  • A sensitization exercise about client requirements, needs, apprehensions and training is always undertaken on client specific modules before proceeding on client work, so as to minimize error and maintain high quality
  • Employees are also trained on various aspects of accounting concepts and taxation rules as and when required