why Us?

  • We want to enter into long term strategic partnerships for which we will invest time and effort to develop innovative customised solutions after understanding your requirements
  • We have specialized domain knowledge and technical knowhow which helps us to provide quality services in a time bound manner
  • Highly qualified and experienced resources having vast accounting outsourcing experience
  • Offices in tier-2 cities of India gives us significant cost advantages over others by giving access to more economical resources
  • Dedicated IT professionals in our team ensure quick resolution of any IT problem
  • World Class infrastructure enables operations to be scaled to any level

why India?

  • In today's dynamic environment, outsourcing has become the order of the day, more and more multinational companies are adopting outsourcing for a number of reasons, such as cost effectiveness, increased efficiency, reduction of operating cost, shared risk, better services and more time to focus on core competencies. India is an ideal destination for global companies to outsource their work because
  • India is the largest provider of accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Large professional and skilled work force base having expertise in accounting and bookkeeping management
  • Favourable political environment with a stable government fostering good business environment
  • Access to economical but skilled labour force, thus enabling companies to cut down on their operational cost
  • Access to latest technological infrastructure enabling quick delivery of services ensuring data confidentiality and security
  • Advantageous time zone difference between US and India ensures high productivity and faster turnaround times particularly in bookkeeping outsourcing processes

service Edge

  • We at Eagle Peak believe in providing high quality commercially viable services to our clients. We believe that the following key points help us distinguish ouselves from our competition
  • Associate with the clients and provide them with customized and tailor-made services and solutions
  • Team members have rich experience in field of accountancy and book keeping
  • Ensure 100% percent data confidentiality and security
  • As illustrated by the points above, our in-depth experience and expertise enable us to provide services in an efficient manner thus providing value for money to our clients.